With trends in miniaturization, the complexity and density of components have increased leading to development of PCBs with additional signal layers inside. The highly complex PCBs now being offered allow high density packaging as per designer’s requirement and helps in assembly of most complex components.

Ascent is fully geared to supply most complex & stringent designs of multilayer PCBs.

The materials normally used are Glass-epoxy, Ceramic, Teflon, etc. We also make hybrid PCBs which uses different materials.

We have continuously upgraded our facility for improved sophistication to produce best quality PCBs in huge numbers with assured reliability. Our multilayer PCBs are cost-effective & technically advanced and offered with varied raw materials & surface finishes meeting every specific requirement of our customers.

Our multilayer PCBs are being successfully used in all applications like power electronics, automotive, space & defense, communication, etc. across the market.

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